March 15, 2023
JC News Tribune — Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

It’s always rewarding to celebrate a victory!
And always appropriate to say THANK YOU!
Thank you, Governor Parson!
Thank you, Lt. Gov. Kehoe!
Thank you to both the Missouri Senate and the Missouri House of Representatives!

On behalf of the thousands of state employees ARMSE represents across the state, we’re grateful for the pay increase recently awarded to state employees.
This increase adds tremendous value to the communities and their economies throughout the state. Your attentiveness to the needs of state retirees and active employees is appreciated.

And also to the thank you list, I add the ARMSE board volunteers – Roger Schwartze, Mark Reading, Jim Carney, Mariel Hale, George Kopp, Gary Findlay, Tim Rice, Tom Bryson, Steve Price, Jim O’Brien, Dave Taylor, John Smart and Marty Drewel — who work diligently on behalf of all state employees and state retirees. This group is dedicated to protecting both active and retired state employees’ benefits.

Missouri taxpayers deserve a strong state government that operates efficiently and effectively. Making good use of tax funds requires attraction and retention of a skilled state workforce. While we applaud these recent actions, let’s continue pushing until Missouri’s public service workforce is recognized as one of the nation’s best.

To continue acting in the best interest of the state’s workforce and its retired constituency, it’s also important to fully fund the necessary base needs for the retirement systems and the health care insurance plans as the FY 2024 budget is approved.

The Association of Active and Retired Missouri State Employees is a non-partisan association working to keep active and retired state employees informed about the state’s administration of health care and retirement programs. We work with all legislative leaders to ensure benefits that are earned by state employees are protected. If you’re a state employee or a state retiree, you can help us help you!

1. Contact your elected officials and those running for office to make sure they understand your position and expectations of their leadership regarding your retirement system and health insurance.
2. Join ARMSE and know that your membership helps fight the fight.
Check us out on Facebook and also visit our website where you can join online at

Sue Cox, ARMSE executive director