Cute executive interacts with her computerARMSE has been representing active employees of the State of Missouri for over forty years.  A review of the legislative history section at this web site shows a chronological listing of the bills that have been presented over the years to improve your current and future benefits.  ARMSE has been at the forefront in promoting the passage of legislation which enhanced both the your pension and health care plans.  Our association’s goals continue to have a direct and beneficial effect for you as an  active employee of the State of Missouri.  Over the decades, our retired members have worked to improve the State’s pension system for those still employed, even though they would not personally benefit.  This approach has been and continues to be central to ARMSE.

This year ARMSE has hired Burnett & Associates to keep our members apprised of proposed legislation which may have an effect upon employees and retirees of the State of Missouri.  You can view the bills Burnett & Associates are helping us track by exploring the “Bill Tracking” portion of this web site.  We are also working to improve the quality of our web site.  You’ll find “links” to various sites relating to your employment with the State of Missouri.  As an example, the Missouri General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement (JCPER) list’s bills being tracked by the committee and also provides an annual report describing the financial health of the various plans, including MOSERS and MPERS, under its purview.

Currently, there are approximately 63,000 active employees of the State of Missouri.  As one of these active employees, we need your support to continue to insure that your current pension and health care benefits are not reduced.  Please help by becoming a member of ARMSE.